Waterfalls (with Will Eisenberg)

Hi! To any new visitors from ACPT, welcome to Norah's Puzzles! Thank you so much for spending a few minutes with me today. Here I blog as Norah Sharpe and elsewhere I make puzzles under my real name, Shannon Rapp. Please have a look around if you have time - some of my favorite recent puzzles here are Twenty Four, Sixteen, and All Systems Go. Also see some of my off-blog work

If you're new to crossword blogs today, thank you so much for giving it a try. You'll soon see that indies are not "less-than," but they are often more fun, edgy, modern, and inclusive than what frequently appears in some of the major outlets. They are written by many of the same constructors you already know and love from the papers, and some you don't - yet. There is so much to choose from, so thank goodness that everything gets rounded up in a single easy link: the Daily Crossword Links newsletter.

If you only have one time to check out one new thing, make it AVCX, which with its new content expansion is easily the best $30 you can spend in crosswords right now. (there are a bunch of free sample puzzles and a free trial - gogogogogo....) 

Today's puzzle is a tricky themeless midi I made with Will Eisenberg, who runs Half-Baked Puzzles where he posts mostly themed crossword puzzles as well as themeless and cryptic puzzles. Will has also made great puzzles for AVCX and Spyscape. This is not our first collaboration; see Half & Half (at Crossweird Puzzles) and Seventeen (here at NP). We also both contributed to the latest Just the Grid, which you can get this weekend at ACPT, or next week at Just Gridding.

Will says, "Very honored that Norah reached out and asked me to contribute to this puzzle. It's dripping with indie vibes and I love how much our voices come through! Her clue for 33A is a banger." I especially love Will's clues for 20A, 2D, 4D, and 14D. And 30A is my own favorite. 

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