Off-Blog Puzzles

This page got to be too much to maintain with links and all, but saving for posterity should anyone ever care:

You Do the Math - 11/8/2023
AVCX, with Rose Sloan

Happy Hour - 11/6/2023 
Lil AVC X, with Will Eisenberg

Universal, with Will Eisenberg 

The Modern Crossword, with Will Eisenberg

A Crossword Rose, with Rose Sloan

Fill Me In, with Will Eisenberg

with Rebecca Goldstein

**Universal, with Will Eisenberg

with Dan Schwartz

with Will Eisenberg

gin + grapefruit

Matt's Word, with Matt Forest

**LA Times - 7/21/2023
with Jess Shulman

**Closing Time - 7/19/2023
Fireball Crosswords, with Will Eisenberg

Fill Me In, with Will Eisenberg

**You Don't Belong Here - 7/16/2023
LA Times Sunday, with Zachary Schiff

Half Baked Puzzles, with Will Eisenberg

**State of Disrepair - 6/25/2023
LA Times Sunday, with Dan Schwartz

**Secret Ingredients - 5/28/2023
LA Times Sunday, with Rose Sloan

with Kaye Barton

**Blended Family - 5/21/2023 
Universal Sunday, with Rebecca Goldstein
.pdf | .puz


with Emma Lawson

Universal, with Rose Sloan

with Rich Iurilli

with Dan Schwartz

The Crosswords Club

**2023 Trivia #6 - 4/8/23
AVCX, with Will Eisenberg 

Fill Me In Episode 387, with Stephanie Lane

👫These Puzzl3s Fund Abortion, with Will Eisenberg

😶Lemonade Disco, with Will Eisenberg

Animal Crackers - 3/17/23
🦁Marx Brothers #6. With Alex Boisvert

🤓 Kay Bart Plays, with Kaye Barton

👏AVCX+, with Will Eisenberg

💮Universal, with Will Eisenberg

🎲for the STL 2023 Tournament, with Christopher Adams

👶Grids for Kids charity puzzle pack, with Trent Evans

**Jumper Cables - 1/19/23
📺Crucinova, with Laura Effinger-Dean

🍌with Dan Schwartz

Scrambled Eggs - 12/27/22
A follow up to Tossed Salads. With Lila Goldenberg 🍋

Lemonade Disco. With Matt Gritzmacher ✨

🚴with Matt Forest

Half-Baked Puzzles. with Will Eisenberg 🍓

Ignore the NYT Today - 12/8/22
Crossword Nexus. with Alex Boisvert and friends

Solidarity - 12/7/22
Puzzles That Need a Home. with Brian Thomas✊

**Boy Meets Boy - 11/21/22
Lil AVC X #6, with Abigail Rapp

**LA Times - 11/9/22
🚗 with Will Eisenberg

Crossword Nexus. with Alex Boisvert

AVCX+ #2

arctan (x) words. with Christopher Adams

**Pizza Making 101 - 10/19/22
Universal, with Dan Schwartz

**Garden Variety - 9/22/22
Inkubator, with Rose Sloan


**Lollapuzzoola meta - 8/27/22
My first thing for a tourney, and not my last :) 

Pleasant Company - 8/5/22
Theme nostalgia with Rose

Lil AVC X #4

Crossweird Puzzles. with Alex Boisvert

Dritters. Happy to contribute to this fun theme :) 

Lil AVC X #3

Let's Circle Back - 5/12/2022
Half-Baked Puzzles. with Will Eisenberg

**Turn, Turn, Turn - 4/21/2022
Crucinova, with Christopher Adams

**Just Between Us - 4/12/2022
Lil AVC X #2

Just the Grid #5 - 4/5/2022
Just Gridding. I love these so much - follow Rachel to get in on the next one

Crossweird Puzzle Hunt - 3/20/2022
Crossweird Puzzles. 5-part puzzle hunt with *many* others

Onion Cake - 3/15/2022
Kaybartpuzzles. cryptic acrostic w/ Kaye Barton

Dig In! - 3/15/2022
The Deli Counter

Lil AVC X #1

**Company Potluck - 2/18/2022
AVCX+. Huge thanks to everyone who donated to the kickstarter!!! 💖

Have You Heard? - 2/3/2022
Crossweird Puzzles. tribute acrostic with Alex, praise be to the BAMBAM

Well Kept Secrets - 1/31/2022
Bewilderingly. collab #3 (and counting!) with Rose, thanks so much to Will for hosting! :)

Where There Never Was a Puzzle - 12/17/21
A Crossword Rose. collab #2 with Rose!🌹A Sondheim tribute packed full of musical theater content 

Twenty Six - 11/29/21
Crossweird Puzzles. with Momes! So happy to help her very first crossword go live to the world. 

Eleven - 11/14/21
A Crossword Rose. with Rose!🌹Fittingly born of a tweet. Once again, their idea, my grid, the perfect collab. 

Ten (With or Without You), 11/13/21
Good clues for people who love bad clues. Frisco is just plain funny. I know I've said it before, but keep an eye on this kid. 

Seven, 11/8/21
XXXWordInfo. This very NSFW puz needed an appropriately NSFW home. Thanks Elipsis for hosting it. :D

Hidden Horrors, 10/29/21
Dritters! His concept, my execution, our clues. A little spooky, but don't be scared! 

FMI episode 317, contest meta 10/19/21
Fill Me In. my first meta! listen to the podcast for directions on how to enter, or just solve for fun here (.puz)

just the grid #3, 10/11/21
Just Gridding. these are so fun, and anyone can participate! follow rachel on twitch to join the next one

Midi Pack #1 on Redstone Games app, 10/8/21
Redstone App. the app is free and has puzzles by many of your favorite constructors!

Danger Zone/Yacht Rock #5, 10/1/2021
Crossword Nexus. collab with Alex Boisvert - so, so, so much fun!

Half & Half, 9/30/2021
Crossweird Puzzles. collab with Will Eisenberg - another half-and-half - can you guess?

Trick or Tweet, 9/24/2021
Trash Panda Puzzles. collab with Jac Crabtree - a half-and-half - can you tell whose half is whose?

Go For It, 9/1/2021
Crossweird Puzzles. another collab with the fabulous Kate Schmate - the clues you like are hers ;) 

what a strange place, 8/22/2021
Crossweird Puzzles. a little tribute to a brand new blog :) 

7xwords, 8/4/2021
collab with Dob of CrossweirdTV

I Think You Can Win This Thing, 8/2/2021
Joeadultman. Baby cryptic

Just the grid #1, 6/2/2021
Just Gridding. I hope this is the first of many. Rachel and Claire are so thoughtful and welcoming. 

Stream Themeless, 5/22/2021
Wordgarbler. This was so much fun. Many of your favorite constructors contributed, please check it out!

Little-ish Puzzle, 4/12/2021 
Happy Little Puzzles. Matthew is a great collaborator! Thoughtful and an all around nice guy.