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Tossed Salad

Welcome back to the blog Lila Goldenberg who you might know from such hits as wrong opinions about green eggs and ham , this kickass boswords interview ,  swiftie/crossword crossover content , turning puzzles into scrunchies  and dresses , her last puzzle here , and her own fabulous crossword blog . Lila says, "another puzzle with norah!!! she sprung a puzzle mostly done on my dm, i made a couple suggestions, and then we clued! and oh boy cluing this was fun 🤩 our doc is a mess, but that’s just proof of how much of a blast we had!! anyways enjoy this puzzle and then do some more!!" Midi season is upon us! Auditions to join the 2023 roster of midi constructors at Lil AVC X are open through Monday. They are looking for people interested in working with an editor as a mentor to create ~6 midi puzzles over the course of 2023. Specs and more details here . Coming very, very soon, I'm wrapping up my stint on the Lil AVC X roster with a brand new collaborator who is very speci

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