Twenty Five (with Chris Piuma)


Early on in NaCroWriMo, I sent Chris a preliminary version of this theme, which he countered with an excellent seedspanner, so of course I reworked the grid around it and this resulting puzzle is probably exactly what you expect from the two of us. This is his third appearance here on Norah's Puzzles; please check out his Kitchen Party (with Brooke) and Controversy at the NYT

From Chris: "Peaches have been described as many things: 'fuzzy', 'cleft', 'juicy', 'soft, yet firm', 'alarmingly erotic'. Hopefully, we have managed to pack all those qualities into this peach of a puzzle. If it's not currently peach season where you live, then may this puzzle tide you over until the peach juice flows again."

Chris is one of many wonderful folks involved in the AVCXpansion - I'm really excited about the new features - especially the midis! Please learn more here and donate if you can.

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