Kitchen Party - guest puzzle! (by Chris Piuma and Brooke Husic)


...wait, what did you think it was?

I'm so pleased today to bring you a great puzzle from two of the best - Chris Piuma and Brooke Husic. It shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with their work that this puzzle is harder than the usual fare here at NP, but it also fits right in, in more ways than one. I appreciate its commitment to the culinary art. 

Brooke says, "two of my favorite chris puzzles are this one (pride) and this one (poetry) and you should solve them if you haven't already" Ed. note: I agree!

Chris says, "Check out Norah's birthday stream tomorrow (7/7 at 7c), in which she will solve July 7th puzzles from 1981 through however far she makes it. Happy 40th!" Ed. note: thank you!

In unison, they say, "Thank you Norah for running our puzzle and for your constant stream of good vibes." 

After solving, read this. Spoiler!

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[PDF] [.puz] [solution]


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