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Hey Barbies! 

I frenzy-gridded this immediately after seeing Barbie, but then put it in a drawer because I was sure someone would beat me to it. But I don't think that happened! (? I'm sorry if I missed it! Please send it to me!) When my bud Kay mentioned that her love of the film matched mine, I knew she was the perfect person to help bring this puzzle to life. And did she ever! I hope you enjoy her fun clues throughout this puzzle. 

Kay says, "When I saw the spanner for this puzzle, I made a high-pitched noise. This was a delight to clue and I always have a great time working with Norah. If you haven't seen the movie referenced here, the review at 43-Across is spot on, and the demographic for it is everyone."

Thanks to our two test solvers Will and Brian, the latter of who said, "delightful puzzle, whole milk slander notwithstanding."

Since last time: g+g #1 | a joint with matt f | this thing i am still shocked even happened

For the full experience, we recommend solving here, but make sure to set the Theme to Barbie mode! The embed below works ok too.

Fullscreen link | .jpz 


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