Can I Have All the Information, Please?

It is my honor to make today's puzzle with Rose, who as you might know placed fourth in the 2008 National Spelling Bee. This one is a tribute to this year's winner. When I learned of the happy coincidence of this puzzle's theme entries I couldn't help but drop into Rose's dms. Rose also put up a fun midi yesterday; make sure you check that out too.

Rose says, "Very excited to get to work on this puzzle, which is themed around something I very dearly love. It was also very fun for me to get to include the Merriam-Webster diacritical system in the puzzle. Enjoy!" (ed. note: I can confirm Rose did pull out an actual paper dictionary when making this one)

Thanks, as always, to Will for testing. 

We recommend the use of xwordnexus, or the embedded puzzle below for solving. 

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