We did it (by Chris Evans)

Today's puzzle is a guest midi with a fun theme from Chris Evans, aka MP, aka mentalplayground who I hope you got the chance to meet if you were at ACPT last weekend. He put up a great April Fool's cryptic Saturday that you should definitely go check out. 

Chris says, "This puzzle is to commemorate Norah on her achievement at ACPT 2023 - for which I am super proud. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you in Stamford this year and I'm hoping to compete next year myself, which means more solving... This is one of my first attempts at making one of these so... I hope you enjoy the solve!" 

Chris, thanks so much for this lovely little puzzle. It was a joy to hang out with you and I look forward to competing against you on the C boards next year! ;)

Other stuff I've been working on: Fill Me In meta contest open through April 9 (with Stephanie Lane) | These Puzzl3s Fund Abortion (with Will Eisenberg) | lemonade disco cryptic "Curb Appeal" (with Will Eisenberg)

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