Cross the Streams (with Ben Bass)

Today's puzzle is a collab with none other than Ben Bass, author of the New York Times cryptogram puzzles. Find him on twitter and twitch. When we had dinner a few weeks ago, we knocked around some puzzle ideas. This is the first of (number more than one). This one is a themeless mostly gridded by me and mostly clued by Ben, we hope you enjoy! 

Ben says, "I rarely write crosswords, but when I do, I seem to collab with the best. To date: Andrea Carla Michaels, Rachel Fabi, Ross Trudeau, and now Baby Sharpe (am I the only one who can’t stop conflating Shannon’s puzzle name with Baby Shark?). Anyway, thanks Norah for thinking of me!"

Since last time: 11/21 Lil AVC X | 12/1 LAT

If you solve it, blog it, stream it, like it, love it, or find a typo, let me know! twitter | email | or comment below. Thanks! 

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