Tossed Salad (with Lila Goldenberg)

Welcome back to the blog Lila Goldenberg who you might know from such hits as wrong opinions about green eggs and ham, this kickass boswords interviewswiftie/crossword crossover content, turning puzzles into scrunchies and dresses, her last puzzle here, and her own fabulous crossword blog.

Lila says, "another puzzle with norah!!! she sprung a puzzle mostly done on my dm, i made a couple suggestions, and then we clued! and oh boy cluing this was fun 🤩 our doc is a mess, but that’s just proof of how much of a blast we had!! anyways enjoy this puzzle and then do some more!!"

Midi season is upon us! Auditions to join the 2023 roster of midi constructors at Lil AVC X are open through Monday. They are looking for people interested in working with an editor as a mentor to create ~6 midi puzzles over the course of 2023. Specs and more details here. Coming very, very soon, I'm wrapping up my stint on the Lil AVC X roster with a brand new collaborator who is very special to me. Keep an eye on your inboxes!

Since last time, I had an LA Times (pdf) with Will Eisenberg (11/9). Please check it out!

Thanks so much to 2023 Lil AVC X editor Rose Sloan for her help in bringing you this fun puzzle.

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