Let's Bang It Out! (with Christopher Adams)

Hi! It's been a while. This puzzle was deemed "too edgy" for primetime, but who are we to keep it to ourselves because of that? This is my third puzzle (and counting) with Christopher Adams (1 | 2), who also has become a friend who answers my random "is this a thing?" questions - and sometimes he helps me turn them into puzzles. (thank you 💜!) [Update! We also posted a collab on Chris's blog: http://arctanxwords.blogspot.com/2022/10/puzzle-197-cafe-de-lamour-freestyle.html)]

I've been busy elsewhere since my last post: Lil AVC X #4 7/11 | Lollapuzzoola 8/27 | LAT 8/31 | Inkubator 9/22 | Lil AVC X #5 9/26 | and lots more to come!! I've also started writing for Fiend on the weekends, I'm still guesting for Sally occasionally, and as always I love writing about all the cool stuff my friends are doing for News & Notes. I'm so excited about all the new projects I'm working on and can't wait to share them with you! :) 

Chris says, "Always a pleasure to collab with Norah. No points for guessing who wrote 22D and 24D. We're looking forward to bringing you the next one (sooner than you'd expect 👀)!"

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