Power Through (by Matt Forest)


Hi folks, 

Today I'm happy to bring you a guest puzzle from Matt Forest, who you might remember as the author of the M puzzle for Crucinova. I also enjoy reading his punny one-line reviews of puzzles from various outlets. It was a pleasure solving, editing, and hosting this puzzle for you.

Matt says, "Sometimes you hear a catchy phrase and can't help but count the letters to see how well it will fit into a crossword grid. That's what happened here when I took a closer look at one of my favorite idioms from the time I used to race dirt bikes. I know it's niche, and I know even with the semi-connected spanner that it wouldn't work as a "themed" grid, and yet it's too "thematic" to pass as a mainstream themeless. So I put myself in no man's land and pushed through anyway, treating it like a themeless and aiming for a low word count with engaging fill. Shannon was gracious enough to take a look at this "quasi-themeless" after I basically cold-called her on Twitter (crossword Twitter is amazing!), and I'm happy to report she liked it enough to post on her blog. I am forever grateful to Shannon and other crossword bloggers for creating a space for puzzles like this. I hope you enjoy the solve!"

As for me, I'll be streaming some construction tomorrow (Saturday, 4/16 at 11am CDT). I plan to make a puzzle with chat, so please drop by and pitch in!

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