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Tag yourself, I'm Ariel

In the ongoing spirit of "Puzzles are better with friends," I'm very happy to host this collaborative cryptic! This puzzle was created in a twitch stream hosted by Glentopher (very spoilery VOD available here). Glen also creates puzzles for his own blog - go check them out!

Grid by Glen, DXCUCR, and Kimbie600. Clues by Glen, DXCUCR, Ben Zimmer, merlinnimue, dragonengineer97, Kaye Barton, neilmu, Will Eisenberg, waterphall, Zero Percent Sneaky, and ... me!

Full credits below the puz (spoiler free)

Glen says: "Massive thanks to Norah for being a fantastic project manager on this collaboration, and being incredibly patient with me.  Thanks to everyone that took part in the Twitch stream and everyone in the twitch community that contributed Puzzominoes (Channel Points) to make the stream happen! See you on a stream again soon, love Glen x"

While Glen and I did a lot of gentle editing, we also owe a huge thanks to Steve Mossberg for providing excellent feedback, most of which was used to make this puzzle better - and a bit of it we may have ignored in favor of our own silliness. 

If you solve it, blog it, stream it, like it, love it, or find a typo, let me know! twitter | email | or comment below. Thanks! 

Fullscreen solve | .puz 


5 Ben Zimmer

8 merlinnimue and Glentopher

10 dragonengineer97

11 Norah Sharpe

12 Kaye Barton

13 dxc

14 Norah Sharpe

16 dxcucr

18 dxcucr and Glentopher

19 neilmu

20 Norah Sharpe

21 Will Eisenberg


1 dragonengineer97

2 waterphall

3 dragonengineer97

4 Kaye Barton

6 dxc and Glentopher

7 dragonengineer97

9 merlinnimue

15 Glentopher

17 Zero Percent Sneaky