Twelve inspired me to play around with another diagonal midi, so here you go. And I decided to write a whole bunch of short clues, especially in the downs. This puz is definitely on the harder side! Let me know how it goes for you. :) 

If you're reading this and you make puzzles, and you'd like to collab on literally anything, please hit me up! We're close to the middle and there's a few things in the works ... but not enough! 

If you solve it, blog it, stream it, like it, love it, or find a typo, let me know! twitter | email | or comment below. Thanks! 

Fullscreen solve | .puz 


  1. this is the hardest so far. still don't understand some of what's going on... but was able to finish it.

    1. yep - some of these are quite tricky! thank you for solving, as always <3

  2. Tough but fun! 6D was a neat twist on how to clue that. Don't know about 4D...I mean I guess they're model organisms. 1D and 7A were satisfying to get for some reason. Definitely learned some stuff here :)


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