Kind of a spoiler, but I don't care because you have to see this (click for video - definite spoiler)

Seven found a home at xxxwordinfo - it's a little naughty ;) (see all NaCroWriMo puzzs)

If Eight! had a subtitle (it doesn't - we've come too far, ok?) it would be "Eight!: All Bangers!" This puzzle has a super traditional themed grid, is filled and clued with an eye toward the excellent house styling at USAT (with the difficulty kicked up exactly one notch), and still carries a bit of Norah flavor and indie flair.

I was going to post a link (right here) to the origin of ! = "banger" that originally inspired this theme idea about a million years ago but I couldn't find it. Wasn't it a tweet? I don't know. Please remind me. 

more on "bangits" from Brooke and Matthew

In other crossword news, there's 7x merch!

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  1. Very cute! Favorite clues: 38a, 39a, 51d.

  2. Fun! TIL about mushrooms, car brands that are actually words, a language that means "normal", and some Japanese theater :) - jaudibert

    1. thanks so much for solving! im a big fan of your daily minis!

    2. that means a lot!!! :) thanks for solving!


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