A Common Language (with Chris Evans)

I had a delightful time making this fun 7x with Chris Evans aka Mental Playground aka MP. He's an excellent cryptic setter and solver who twitches his solves daily, and I'm so pleased to collab on his first American-style crossword. I hope you enjoy solving as much as we did constructing together. And yeah, he may pull me over to the dark side eventually...

MP says, “I've been itching to try and make a US puzzle for a while now, and I'm really grateful that Norah's provided me with the opportunity to do so! She's a delight to work with - and has an excellent mind for cluing. I think we've managed to encapsulate a bit of both our worlds in this grid - just need to persuade her to make a cryptic now... I hope you enjoy the solve."

And! This puzzle (aside from the central themer) was made entirely using the new data-driven wordlist created by Brooke and Enrique, which you can see more about and get started using for yourself at spreadthewordlist.com

In other crossword news, Boswords fall league registration opens today! See you there. :) 


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