Guest Post: Seabees (by Will Eisenberg)

The guest post hits here at NP just keep on coming! Today I'm happy to bring you this perfect midi from Will Eisenberg, who you might know from his all-bangers blog Half-Baked Puzzles, or his guest spot at Square Pursuit, or his guest spot at qvxwordz! Heck, he even made a cryptic. :) 

Will says, "Thanks to Norah for being a good pal and an advocate for my puzzles, especially on Twitch. Since this puzzle was created on Twitch, it only made sense to have Norah host it. Thanks to everyone in the twitch chat who helped make this puzzle!"

Please follow Will (-and me!-) on Twitch for lots more fun puzzly shenanigans. :D 

In other crossword news, I'll see ya at lolla! 

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