Pinned Down (with Kate Chin Park)

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Be cool. Don't yuck someone's yum. Get down with this puz.

This is a collab with my *other* new xw friend, Kate Leiserson of kateschmatecrosswords. Kate wrote all the bangin clues in this puz. Please go check out her site where she offers excellent puzzles and thoughtful commentary.

I love the central arrangement of three nines crossing seven sevens, in 11x and 38 words. <3  

22-A is for CrossweirdTV and only CrossweirdTV

If you solve it, stream it, like it, love it, or find a typo, let me know! twitter | email

[PDF] [.puz] [solution]


  1. Definitely the first time I've seen IMO's referenced in an X-word. Grew up in StL, loved it then. Have since moved away and lost my taste for provel. Curious if I had it now (it's been 20+ years) if I'd still like it or find it horrid.


    1. IMO sure exists in crosswords, but always as "in my opinion" and we definitely needed a new spin on it. thanks for stopping by!

  2. That was tricky - managed it with LOTS of guesswork and using "check" - but that's cos I'm bad at solving these, not because it was a bad puzzle.

    And not TOO much arcane Americana, so cool.

    Fun solve, thanks.


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