Let's Do Shots! (11x)

Click for spoiler

I picked up this theme at the recent Making Crossword Puzzles class offered by Laura Braunstein (of The Inkubator) and Jesse Lansner (of JKL Crosswords). The next session is May 18. Sign up (free) here! 

As soon as the theme became clear, I went a little rogue and came up with my own while the class continued. (And of course theirs got an edit and some of my clues made the cut) You can solve the class version on Jesse's blog released tomorrow.

I tried to up the difficulty and give it a little Norah flavor too. :) 

I'm 11-A. How about you? 

Also, please try my recent happy little collab with Matthew Stock at Happy Little Puzzles. #STL

If you solve it, stream it, like it, love it, or find a typo, let me know! twitter | email

[PDF] [.puz] [solution]


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