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Go For It, 9/1/2021
*another collab with the fabulous Kate Schmate - the clues you like are hers ;) 

what a strange place, 8/22/2021
*a little tribute to a brand new blog :) 

7xwords, 8/4/2021
*Co-constructed with my friend Dob of CrossweirdTV

I Think You Can Win This Thing, 8/2/2021
*It's a baby cryptic! eep! Constructed by Joeadultman, with clues from me and others.

Just Gridding 1 with 30 other people, on Just Gridding, 6/2/2021
*I hope this is the first of many. Rachel and Claire are so thoughtful and welcoming. 

Stream Themeless with 18 other people, on Wordgarbler, 5/22/2021
*This was so much fun. Many of your favorite constructors contributed, please check it out!

Little-ish Puzzle with Matthew Stock, on Happy Little Puzzles, 4/12/2021 
*Matthew is a great collaborator! Thoughtful and an all around nice guy. 

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